Loupe 2

A freeform sample slicer and mangler for Reaktor

Chroma Sequencer

Sequencer and Monosynth with Glide

Frame 3

Free creative sampler for Reaktor


A granular drum machine with parameter locks for Reaktor

Ghost Shift

Multitap Filtered Delay Effect for Reaktor

Skreamism vol 4: Jam Jarre spotted in the wild

The Jam Jarre preset in the Blue Matrix ensemble is sometimes used as a benchmark test for Reaktor performance on a new system. Most Reaktor heads are pretty familiar with the sound.

Well now dubstep luminary Skream has released a 12 with an awfully familiar sound as the backbone of one track (click on track 02).

Not that there's anything wrong with that! Lesser artists borrow; great artists steal.(*) It's no more shameful than the ubiquitous sampling that goes on in all kinds of electronic music. And to be fair, Blue Matrix is something of a bear to program, so why not use the presets? Sure sounds nice in the right context, doesn't it?

(* who said that? I did. It was me.)


  1. AH AH!

    this sounds ewird...he left the preset as it is, and it's most of the track!

    anyway: in italy there's a tv ad of a drink (campari?martini?) which uses another Blue Matrix preset.

    Isn't it popular?

  2. here it is!!!


    you'll spot it from 00:10 underneath.

    the notes are taken from blue matrix...the synth is tweaked a bit, I guess

  3. bluematrix la patch degli sfigati :)

  4. It's one of the built in sequence presets for an old Reaktor 4 sequenced instrument.

  5. preset is also used in "The infinite void" by Intex Systems (2006)