Loupe 2

A freeform sample slicer and mangler for Reaktor

Chroma Sequencer

Sequencer and Monosynth with Glide

Frame 3

Free creative sampler for Reaktor


A granular drum machine with parameter locks for Reaktor

Ghost Shift

Multitap Filtered Delay Effect for Reaktor

Granular Sampler Download - Very Simple Grainer 02

Didn't I say I'd have the next installment in this series ready "next week" a year ago? Dang.

Very Simple Grainer 02 from Peter Dines on Vimeo.

Here's a new and improved version of the Very Simple Grainer, with some new features, fixes and a couple of new samples. I've moved controls around, added the very nice sounding Core saturator that comes with Reaktor 5, added LFOs to the grain size and speed parameters, and fine tuned a couple of other things. If you've been following the material I've posted here and at Noisepages, you should be able to puzzle it out. If you have questions or feature requests, post a comment.

Download Here

The first iteration, with instructional PDF, is here.

Update: you'll want to add your own samples as I've only included two. Use this technique and set them all to a root key of zero.


  1. The demo sounds lush Peter, however I'm having trouble getting any sound out of it. I'm new to the software so the problem is probably something really simple....any ideas?


  2. First off, it's not a generative instrument so it has to receive MIDI in order to make a sound. (in Reaktor standalone you can of course use the computer keyboard to play notes)

    Did you add your own samples? They might not be mapped properly. This is how they should be set up in this instrument.

  3. OK that's where I was going wrong (the MIDI part).

    Thanks for the quick reply.

  4. Please keep posting Peter! This site is so very helpful for me! Thank you for all your posts!