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ParamDrum Update: now with Jonathan Style skin, new sample maps!

The impossible has happened: a ParamDrum update.

It's got a brilliant skin courtesy of Jonathan Style, a new sound set based on samples from a very popular hardware synth (can you name it?), and at the moment only four new snaps. I could delay release and make more presets, but I want to get this out as soon as possible considering what a wait it's been since the last update. It sounds like this:

This is a free update for people who've already purchased - the same password will unlock this skinned version. Be aware that I've migrated to the fantastic and problem free Reaktor 5.5 beta, and the new skinned version will no longer open in earlier versions. Get the beta here.

UPDATE: Due to popular demand I have posted a version of the new skinned ParamDrum that will open in the non-beta version of Reaktor.

The 5.5 beta is rock solid stable and if anything uses less CPU than previous versions. I have had no hiccups or crashes using it. Nevertheless, back up your custom ens before saving them in the new version, just in case you want to revert to 5.15. Like this version of ParamDrum, the Reaktor 5.5 update will be free for current license holders.

Haven't purchased yet? $15.00 gets you the password to all versions.

Here's the link:

ParamDrum Add to Cart


  1. Peter this is great and Jonathan's UI is lovely. Thanks so much!

  2. My pleasure! It feels good to finally release it. It's been sitting in my to-do pile for the better part of a year... unfortunately it wasn't simply a matter of RARing it up and bunging it onto the download site. The skin needed a few nips and tucks, and so on.

    I'm going to see how long I can keep the momentum going and release a few other things in August.

  3. Sad news for me, 5.5 means no running on my PPC laptop, my main live machine ;(

    I probably was going to wait on beta on my Nehalem because of Kore 2/Kore soundpacks not officially supported (replace dll's at own risk is official word) and besides the beta won't download here anyway despite numerous attempts to involve my ISP and a router replacement...an all around conspiracy!

    Maybe you could release the new drum maps to registered owners of previous version???

    Anyway, good to see the update activity even if I can't participate in the actual usage ;-)

  4. I will have a skinned version for the 5.15 non beta Reaktor version uploaded shortly. Seems I overestimated people's eagerness to jump onto the beta bandwagon!

    For the near term I think I'll do most development in 5.15, even for a few months after 5.5 is fully released... obviously though things using the new modules like the modal bank will have to be 5.5

  5. Thanks Peter, I appreciate that...It makes things a little more smooth in this never ending march of progress.

    September has 'Komplete 7 w/Reaktor 5.5' coming so at least that will get me a hard copy (still no download love) and proper integration for my Kore set-up...till then I appreciate every minute you can give to not have to replace my laptop quite yet. Last August saw a $15,000 upgrade! on my desktop system so I need every break I can get before another purchase :D

  6. Peter said: 'what the

    I don't even'

    I know. And yet somehow it wasn't that hard ;-)

    Discovering the joy's of ParamDrum as a 'loop player' for cool, faux avant garde turntablism 'simming' (ala Christian Marclay). A whole new world to explore in ParamDrum and loving the update. Thanks again for the 5.1.1 'resave' :D

  7. Interesting! I've been thinking of modding it with a start point modulation - I think that can be done with the resynth, but loop on might have to be set for the relevant samples... aaand this is how I end up with endless folders of ensembles. ;-)

  8. Hmmm, loop start modulation would be another cool variation for sure. I might put some examples up of the experiments with Paramdrum as loop player later today, will let you know ;-)

  9. As promised (threatened?):


    50 experimental explorations featuring a 'duo' of Paramdrums as loop players.

  10. btw Peter, please see '073110 12.mp3' in the playlist for a specific example of what I mentioned as 'abstract turntablism' application of ParamDrum.