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ParamDrum 3 is Here!

ParamDrum 3 has arrived.

ParamDrum is a fun and fast way to create unique sounding beats in Reaktor. It's based on three granular samplers with built in parameter automation and variable length and speed step sequencers. The value of a step gives the probability that the step will trigger as the sequence plays, creating endless variations.

00 Paramdrum 3 with Massive samples by peterdines

The third edition adds several carefully selected refinements.
  • All recordable parameters are now mouse-automatable by clicking and dragging on the indicator, perfect for when you're stuck with a laptop but no MIDI controller.
  • The GUI now matches Frame, Loupe and Mirage with a clearer layout that is easier on the eyes.
  • Smooth and swing are now static parameters, making room for envelope decay and sample start as recordable parameters. Try modulating sample start with a melodic sample to build the foundation of a track right in ParamDrum.
  • A "Max Vel" switch for each sampler allows full velocity for each step, so step value affects only probability.
  • A virtual analogue "sub" kick unit has been added for layering a little extra earthquake with your sampled kicks.
Aside from these improvements the rest of the instrument will be familiar to previous users and retains the ultra fast and fun workflow of earlier editions. The PDF manual still applies, and new users are also advised to watch this video to get an overview of the instrument:

ParamDrum TR Edition from Peter Dines on Vimeo.

(Yes, I know, the video features an older version - new screencast coming soon!)

ParamDrum 3 is a free upgrade for anyone who's already purchased a license and can be downloaded here.

If you don't already have ParamDrum, what are you waiting for? It's 15 bucks and you can get a license here:

ParamDrum Add to Cart

Requirements: A computer capable of running Reaktor 5.5. ParamDrum is extremely CPU efficient and unless your computer was hewn from flint by neanderthals you should be more than fine. It takes 2.7% CPU on my 2009 3gHz iMac.

Mac users take note: I now recommend SimplyRar for unarchiving password prrotected RAR archives on OS X. Newer versions of The Unarchiver sometimes give error messages when dealing with password protected RAR files.


  1. Hell yes! I've got the rest of my evening planned ;-).

  2. Thanks to http://rekkerd.org/ I have found out about this soft

  3. Thanks Peter, you know how I l love your work and appreciate the free update ;-)

    btw, Safari won't display Google profile for comment???

  4. My pleasure, I've been meaning to put this one out for a while - I think it has a more sensible array of recordable parameters.

    About the profile thing - you may have had "name/url" selected in the dropdown menu below the comment box instead of "google account"

  5. Would have been nice to see record-able filters...HP on top, and LP on the bottom, or combination on all three samplers.
    Thanx for the update:)

  6. Looks great!
    One question does it output MIDI also?
    If not, would this mod involve a complete rewrite of the instrument or just a few additions?

  7. It would be very simple to add MIDI out for the sequencers and automation.

    I'm working on 3.1 now which has improved randomization and a few other little fixes... maybe I'll throw in MIDI out and Gin Tonic's filter request in too, or in 3.2 shortly after.

    What I would probably do is add a B panel view with extra controls to set the MIDI out parameters.

  8. That's great news - very responsive :)

  9. I have been playing with ParamDrum for a while now and thought of one more FR.
    I would be even nicer to have the option to not sync the recorded knob movements to the sequences - this would give even more variation.
    Right now the changes fall always to the same step (which sometimes is desirable, but not always).
    Liking it either way!

  10. Kaspar, I do have another version with arbitrary length parameter sequences - looking to release that sometime this spring. Just need to work out how to add this and other FRs while keeping the GUI relatively clear.

  11. Good to hear. It *is* difficult to add lots of features and still keep the ease of use.

    BTW how do you control the ParamDrum?
    Right now I'm using a MIDI keyboard to enter the steps and select record, while using the knobs from Nord Modular rack.
    I'm looking for a more dedicated solution - Korg nanoseries or nanoseries2 seems like a feasible choice with 8 knobs and lots of buttons.

  12. Does ParaDrum also works with the reaktor player?

  13. Sadly, no - only Native Instruments holds the software voodoo to release ensembles that work with Reaktor Player. You'll nee the full version of Reaktor to use Paramdrum.